SEO The Warren Buffett Way

I found this article yesterday and was able to finish reading it this afternoon. I found it very insightful and would recommend it to anyone interested in SEO or bettering their website’s search results. If you have a few minuets, check it out, its well worth the read.

Are You Keeping Your Skills Sharp?

I ¬†read a very insightful design blog post by HOW design this morning. I found it very interesting and relevant. In this particular blog post the writer suggested the importance of regular training to keep one’s skills updated and sharp. The quote below is taken from the post:

Graphic Design Resources | Websites for the Graphic Designer

Here is a list of quality websites that offer excellent resources for the graphic artist and designer. I think you will find valuable tips and quality resources that will prove profitable in honing your design skills. As a graphic designer, I realize the need for quality resources and helpful tutorials to enhance your projects and […]